Customer Raves

My Story

Ever since I first heard Sugarhill Gang "Rapper's Delight" I knew what I wanted to do with my life — no matter what it took to get myself two turntables and a microphone. Well guess what? That's what I did but first I purchased karaoke equipment to get my business going since that's what was my first foot in the door. Eleven years later and I put karaoke to the side and pursued with my dj skills and even became a soundman for a wonderful singer named Bonnie Flinn.

So now to spin vinyl, music videos and be in on a duo is pretty fun!


With years of experience under my belt, you won't find a more qualified or dignified person to throw down the music for your event. My rates are reasonable, my pants are pressed, and I'm ready for hire. Though check my "SCHEDULE" Page because sometimes I'm hired for 5-6 nights weekly!

"Paul Pantle you were awesome as always. I may not be the greatest singer. But I trust you and the quality of your equipment to sound as best as I can be. And I know the quality of your music choices between us singers is going to be enjoyable and fun. You can't ask more for all you deliver. You are the Best."

- Lori Good 

"DJ Paulywood plays at a bar I frequent ofter Bogarts Oasis and let me tell you, this guy can throw a party! From Techno to country to rock you name it he rocks it! Some of my fondest memories involve Pauly. Great dancer, great singer, and most of all a great guy!!"

- Bob Baker


"DJ Paulywood played at Crabbys in Clearwater and did karaoke on Tuesday night!! We had so much fun we extended our stay in Clearwater till that Saturday so that we could go to karaoke on Friday night!! SOOOO much fun!! Best karaoke we have ever done!!!"

- Amber and Meg


"DJPaulywood played at the Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort yesterday and was great! Perfect mix of music for a relaxing day at the beach!"

- Eric

"I can not believe that I have never been to your web page before! It's great! But your music and your talent are the best ever. We're so fortunate to be able to have you play for us again next year. Twice!!!"

- Nancy Blanchette

"DJ Paulywood has performed for our residents many times during the past 3 years. Paul puts on an exceptional show and his interaction with those attending is the best we have ever had. The sound quality is great, the music is just what we ask for. We look forward to many more events with Paul in the near future. Robin Baker, Park Manager"

- Robin Baker